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In the Wood

a panfandom rpg

In the Wood Between the Worlds
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The Lodge in the Wood Between the Worlds

There's a wood between worlds. Enter the right way, fall through a soft spot in your world--all worlds have them--and you come up through the pool of your world.

The wood makes you forget things. Who you are, where you're from. You feel peaceful and calm.

And eventually, you end up at the lodge.

Once you step inside, you remember. And after you do remember, it's easier not to forget when you step out and go back to your pool.

Most can remember easily enough which is theirs, thanks to the spell that lets you remember. Some extremely forgetful people, like Neville Longbottom, have a harder time.

The Lodge

It was built a very long time ago, but it wasn't there in the early 20th century. "When" is up for debate. Whoever built it left spells behind, so it might be said he was a magician. Some might say it was a star who's in a retirement of sorts. It depends who you listen to.

There is a waitstaff, with faces that seem to shift each time you look at them. It's hard to know what they look like, or remember a clear image in your head. They'll supply you with rooms, if they're needed, and food and drink. It may be assumed upon entering you're greeted by one, a doorman, and told to enjoy yourselves. They do not say much beyond what's required for their jobs. They can give you food, drink, and most any inanimate object you ask for--but not if it's not one of a kind. If you've a fancy for a plant to keep in your room, should you choose to stay there, that can be arranged as well, but no other living thing.

There's a book by the door. You can't turn the pages, but it tells you this is the wood between the worlds, and that the lodge is safe haven in it, and returning through the pool you entered from may be accomplished with aid of the spell that allows you to easily remember, but shelter, food and drink are here in the meantime. You are asked to not hurt a fellow guest of the inn, or else regretfully told you will be forced outside of it for a period of time the waitstaff will inform you of. (Duels, however, are all right, for practice or teaching a skill.)

And that's it. The rest you figure out on your own.

Or you don't.


To find out how to apply, please read the rules listed here, including application steps, taken characters list (also available here, and basic rules.

Before you enter the community, you must contact your canonmates, whose email addresses are listed on the taken characters post, to find out what backstory you need to work with. There is only one version of each canon; game canon established by Narnian muns must be recognized by future Narnian muns, etc.

After you are approved, you must check out this entry, for more details on how the Lodge operates--questions like, "Is language a barrier? What food is available?" are answered here.

Questions? Also to be addressed to mods.in.the.wood@gmail.com.


The Wood Between the Worlds is inspired by that in The Magician's Nephew, by C. S. Lewis.

All characters used in this game are fictional, and the property if their creators. No money is made; this game is a thought-experiment.

Please, for the love of God, don't sue us. Most of us are in school, anyway.